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Submitted Prayers (7) for Kwame Raoul

Priscilla M
August 19, 2022, 9:23 am
Father God: Take his heart of stone and give him a heart of flesh that desires Your law and honors You alone! Turn his heart and mind and soul to repentance that he may know the joy of salvation and freedom of sin only by faith in Christ Jesus. Deliver him from the snares of the enemy that has such a stronghold on his life. I pray he takes the sword of the spirit God Bible and allow the words of truth cover him to reach out for the hand of God. ????????????????
Priscilla M
July 17, 2022, 2:20 am
Father I lift up Gods words to Kwame that he feels Gods presence that has power to help him understand the wisdom of our Father God to guide him, teach him to use wisdom, truth for this highly esteemed office. I have been praying, pressing in that God would speak to your heart about the gift he has for you. Be blessed in the name Jesus. He loves you!
Priscilla M
June 19, 2022, 10:01 am
I lift up prayers for The Attorney General of Il., his name is Kwame Raoul. Lord shine the light upon his life that he understands that Jesus is Lord, not Governor's nor President. God helped our forefathers to write The Constitution to help America and is supposed to be followed. I pray that you would speak to his heart and spirit that he would find the Truth of Jesus came to us to save us from sin and He hung on that cross to take sin away so when we seek out The beliefs of Eternal Life to live for Him through this redemption plan. Jesus paid it all, all we have to do is accept him as our savior who forgives us of our sins as we follow Him and His teachings in the Bible. Pretty simple to have eternal Life. Satan and any other Evil agenda we live by sends us straight to Hell; Hell is a bad place and Satan knows it. I would rather live for Jesus. God also says Thou shall not Kill. If you believe or vote in an agenda that has one of the (10) commandment's rules of God defiled you need to ponder on this and ask Is this sin? I pray you see the love in Jesus as I am sharing these things, I do this because God Does Truly Loves you and wants you saved. He cares and so do or I or I would not be spending my pre time being concerned. Jesus is waiting he is always willing to listen to His children. Call upon His name. Jesus
Robert W
December 3, 2021, 12:02 pm
Almighty God, Have mercy on AG Kwame Raoul. May he be convicted of his sins (we all have sinned), repent, and choose to follow and obey Jesus Christ. Give him Godly wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment. May he be a champion for equal justice and an enemy of political corruption and all wickedness. Lord, use him for your glory & purposes and may he be a blessing to all the people of Illinois.
Karen E
July 17, 2021, 8:13 am
Please remember us and help keep election integrity strong...In God we trust and pray. Amen
Carol R
April 27, 2021, 2:20 pm
Dear Heavenly Father,
I lift Kwame Raoul to you and ask that you would reveal Christ to his heart and bring forth salvation of his soul. I ask Lord that you would impress upon his heart the need for him to follow Christ and to abide by your Holy Word and biblical principles. I ask Lord that you would remove him from his position of power and authority should he choose to deny you. I ask that you raise up a righteous follower of Christ to fill that vacancy should it occur. Hound of Heaven, Heavenly Father, I ask that you pursue this man. Magnify the name of Jesus.


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