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Submitted Prayers (121) for Marsha Blackburn

Sue B
June 25, 2022, 3:30 pm
Heavenly Father, I lift up Senator Marsha Blackburn to you this day. Our nation is in such turmoil. I pray that you would open her heart to hear and respond to the Gospel message if she does not know you. Help her to see your face and to trust in You. Protect her from the influence of the evil one who is prowling around our nation trying to bring it down. Guard her and her family from harm and bless and protect them. Give her the courage to do the right thing even when urged to do the wrong thing and grant her a heart of compassion toward those she leads and serves. Show her the path of righteousness so she can walk in it. In Jesus name, Amen.
Sheila A
June 23, 2022, 10:14 pm
Lord, I pray for Marsha Blackburn to have a reverential fear of You and to always put You first in all her leadership decisions for this Country. In Jesus' Name, Amen!
Judy B
June 23, 2022, 10:04 pm
Blessed is Martha who walks not in the counsel of the wicked nor sits in the seat of the scornful but Martha's delight is in the law of the Lord in His law she meditates day and night and she shall be like a tree planted by rivers of living water. She brings forth her fruit in due season. Marsha's leaf does not wither and whatever she does she prospers, the wicked are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind blows away, Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgement nor sinners in the path of the righteous, For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish. Lord do not count Marsha among the ungodly. Lord we declare and decree Marsha, to come to know you as her savior . For the blinders to fall from her eyes and her ears to be unstopped to your Word and your will. May she use your wisdom and judgement in the senate and call on you for that wisdom. Let your perfect will be done in her life in Jesus'name.
Priscilla M
June 23, 2022, 7:31 pm
God wrote a plan, purpose, and intention for our lives before we were ever born (see also Psalm 139:13-16). Again, this does not remove from us the power of choice or free will but means there is a pre-planned purpose God wrote for us. We must draw near to Him, allowing Holy Spirit to steer us in the right directions and give us the needed training to accomplish this purpose. Marsha keeping you covered with His Blood. Jesus give her great wisdom, power to discern When things are not Truth. Bless her Father as she fights for America. ????????
Joyce W
June 23, 2022, 7:01 pm
Lord, lead & guide Senator Blackburn in everything she sees, says & does. Protect her, Father, and give her wisdom and strength.
June 23, 2022, 6:08 pm
Father, we lift up every elected official in this country. We pray that You would give them strength and wisdom as they guide our country.


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