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Submitted Prayers (27) for Jacky Rosen

George L
April 28, 2024, 1:56 am
Father God Almighty, give ear to the prayers of your people for this one in political office. Protct and defend her health, safety, and may she live a long and fruitful life. Bless her as the men of Issachar who had understanding of the times, and knew what their nation fought to do. Give her a true and accurate understanding of all matters before her. May she serve with honor and renown for her wisdom and judgement in matters great and small. In Jesus name, Amen
Linda E
April 27, 2024, 11:50 pm
Father, I bring Senator Rosen before Your throne of grace, and I ask that you would bless and encourage her in every area of her life. Thank you for her willingness to work across party lines to ensure that the best solution is reached for not only her state but for the nation. I pray that she knows You, and that the eyes of her understanding would be enlightened so that she would know the hope to which she has been called. You have allowed her to be in this position, so may Your Word be a lamp unto her feet and a light unto her path. May she seek You for answers and not lean unto the understanding of others, particularly when there is so much at stake these days. Lord, give her a clear voice, and may she walk in integrity and always do the right thing. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.
Sheila N
April 27, 2024, 2:27 pm
Heavenly Father, we Pray Senator Jacky Rosen is convicted that she is created in the Your image; woven together in the womb of her mother by Your hands, from conception to birth, for Your purpose and Your plan (Psalm 139:13-16) at a time such as this time (Esther). Lord God, we pray she be convicted to seek Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding (Isaiah 11:2)) and to demand of herself honesty, integrity, and loyalty (Psalm 26, Proverbs 11:3), righteousness and justice (Proverbs 21:15). We pray she is convicted to measure every thought, word, decision and action she takes against Your precepts (Psalm 111:10). We pray Senator Rosen sees our constitution as our founding fathers intended. May she be convicted that America is discovered, explored, settled and founded as Your city on a hill (Matthew 5:14) for the purpose of sending Your message of Salvation to every person, place, tribe and nation under heaven (Rev.14:6). We pray that she is convicted that she must be "prepared to give an account to Almighty God"(Hebrews 9:27; Romans 14:12). In Jesus name, Amen
Christine S
April 27, 2024, 10:59 am
Psalm 11 "In The Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain? 2 For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart. 3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? 4 The Lord is in His Holy Temple, The Lord's Throne is in Heaven: His Eyes behold, His Eyelids try, the children of men. 5 The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence His Soul hateth. 6 Upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup. 7 For The Righteous Lord loveth righteousness; His Countenance doth behold the upright."
Pamela D
April 27, 2024, 9:36 am
God bless Jacky! May she seek Your wisdom and strength. May she obey you in everything she says and does. May all the leaders in our government obey you. Because obedience is better than sacrifice. May God give to all our leaders, open visions and dreams, relating to our US, so they will understand the ferocious battle going on for our souls and the US.May Jacky become a strong, aggressive, wise person , seeking your justice, righteousness for the US.God bless you. Amen
Mark O
April 27, 2024, 8:24 am
Dear Father God. I lift up to you Senator Rosen. I pray that she knows You in a powerful and mighty way. Provide her Your wisdom and Truth so that she can serve her state well. Protect her from the false teachings of this fallen world. Also, protect her and her family. Help her to do her part to save the unborn. Amen


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