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Submitted Prayers (58) for John Bel Edwards

Sheila A
July 7, 2022, 9:06 pm
Lord, I pray for John Bel Edwards to have a reverential fear of You, and to always put You first in his leadership decisions for this state and Country! I also pray that he gets involved in the effort to demolish abortion completely in this state! In Jesus' Name, Amen!
Susan P
February 1, 2022, 9:20 am
Dear Governor Edwards, We appreciate your service and honor you as our Governor. Thank you for standing for life in the womb. Father God, We are praying for our Governor and asking you to grant Godly wisdom to him to make the right choices for Louisiana citizens in alignment with our constitution and the Word of God, as we fight for our God given freedom and liberties. Enlighten the eyes of his understanding and confirm his will to yours Lord. Give him a pure heart, a contrite spirit and a clear conscience to serve you Lord. Help our governor to humble himself before you Lord and to be bold and courageous as he upholds the constitution and honors the Word of God above all. In the name of Jesus. Amen
Angela O
December 30, 2021, 7:50 am
Lord I know John Bel Edwards is a good man! But Lord I just pray that you change his mind on some of the things that he believes. Lord, I pray that he wakes up one morning and he sees the light on the road ahead of him and that he will be full of wisdom and knowledge to know Which way to go on that road because you are his guide! Lord you are his savior Lord and you're gonna help him Save Louisiana Lord and our nation! Use him mightily Lord in Jesus name. Lord we just pray father God that you inject him with the blood of Jesus one shot of the blood of Jesus will reconstruct him from the inside out!
Deborah L
August 24, 2020, 7:21 pm
Lord, I lift up Gov Edwards for guiding and preparing for the up-coming storms that are aimed at Louisana and for seeking your wisdom, your guidance as he leads the citizens. May he be a man of strong faith and principle for protecting and leading, for the true good and security of the people. Lord, may you have the will and use your power to diminish the power and effect of these storms; we know it is possible that you can turn the storm or calm the wind if that is your decision and if you have good reason or compassion to do so. Please bless and show far to the people in the supposed path of these storm. Thank you, almighty God for your mercy, your love and your grace to your creation and your people.
Catherine J
August 1, 2020, 8:19 am
DEAR LORD! Guide and keep this leader through Your wisdom that he may do what is best for all citizens of our state. Bless his relationship with our nation's leaders that they may all work together for Your glory and our protection. In Jesus's precious name! Amen
Deborah L
July 29, 2020, 1:46 pm
Lord God, thank You for this strong conservative (and I believe Christian) governor. Thank You for the work he is doing to protect and guide his state and the people; keep him bold and strong for your purposes God, to encourage, lead and guide. I pray that You grant him wisdom, understanding, strong faith for his job and his life; that Your Spirit will be alive within him and working in all his circumstances, choices and decisions. Thank You, O God, for the ways and the places, the lives where your Spirit is working. Grant peace, protection and safety to him and his family, his administration and supporters.


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