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Submitted Prayers (16) for Ann Kuster

Sheila N
June 12, 2024, 10:49 am
Heavenly Father, I thank You for the opportunity and privilege of adding my voice to the spirit filled prayers that are being lifted by Your prayer warriors on behalf of Ann Kuster. We pray that she cries out to You for mercy and salvation. Only You, Heavenly Father, knows where her heart stands. If Ann Kuster refuses to be saved and to honor You and walk in righteousness and justice, we pray that her days in office will be few (Deuteronomy 16:18-20; Proverbs 8:20). May another, who is a spirit filled believer in Christ be elected to take her place (Psalm 109:8), according to Your will and Your plans for the state of New Hampshire and for America. In Jesus name, Amen.
Darlene E
March 6, 2024, 12:01 pm
Father, I lift up Ann Kuster. May she serve not for wealth or power but with the realization that you have put her there to serve you and the people of our country. May she make her decisions based on your wisdom and with a heart to see good for us and not destruction. Give her courage to stand against evil and wrong decisions. Give her a desire for righteousness and find it in Jesus. Protect her and her family.
Sheila N
March 6, 2024, 8:39 am
We lift our voices in prayer and thanksgiving for Representative Ann Kuster. We pray for a revelation of Your Word of Truth and Your values into the heart/spirit of Representative Kuster. Enable her to see herself as You see her (Genesis 1:27; Ephesians 2:10), to humble herself before You (Isaiah 66:2), repent of her sins, transgression and iniquities (Psalm 51:17; John 8:3-11), and seek Your forgiveness and the forgiveness of anyone she has sinned against (Matthew 6:14-15; Mark 11;25). If she does not know You as her savior, we pray she would have a saving encounter with You (Ephesians 1: 17-23). We pray that Ann Kuster be convicted to seek Your wisdom, knowledge, understanding (Isaiah 11:2) and Your will as she serves the people of New Hampshire and fulfills her duties and responsibilities in the the House of Representatives. In Jesus name, Amen
Sheila N
August 24, 2023, 11:49 am
Heavenly Father, we Pray Representative Ann Kuster is convicted that she is created in the Your image; woven together in the womb of her mother by Your hands, from conception to birth, for Your purpose and Your plan (Psalm 139:13-16) at a time such as this time (Esther). Lord God, we pray she be convicted to seek Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding (Isaiah 11:2)) and to demand of herself honesty, integrity, and loyalty (Psalm 26, Proverbs 11:3), righteousness and justice (Proverbs 21:15). We pray she is convicted to measure every thought, word, decision and action she takes against Your precepts (Psalm 111:10). We pray Representative Kuster sees our constitution as our founding fathers intended. May she be convicted that America was discovered, explored, settled and founded as Your city on a hill (Matthew 5:14) for the purpose of sending Your message of Salvation to every person, place, tribe and nation under heaven (Rev.14:6). We pray that she is convicted that she must be "prepared to give an account to Almighty God"(Hebrews 9:27; Romans 14:12). In Jesus name, Amen
George L
August 6, 2023, 2:20 am
Father God I lift this servant of her people before you. Reward her with blessings of wisdom, clear sight, and understanding of all matters which come before her. May the true intent of all parties who would advise her be clearly and fully evident. Make clear the path of righteousness that all her decisions be founded upon the rock of your Devine word that they stand and withstand not only on fine pleasant days but also weather the storms that so often come. Bless her, those she loves, those she serves with health, safety, and security. Prosper them, bless them, repair, heal, and make well in all things both great and small. By your mighty grace give ear to even their smallest need. In Jesus name. Amen.
Linda E
August 5, 2023, 11:37 pm
Father, please embrace Representative Kuster in Your arms of love and draw her closely to Your side. She has survived so much in her lifetime, and she has experienced tragedy first hand on many fronts. Thank You for using her to open people's eyes to areas of need within our nation and world. Guide her, and may Your word be a lamp unto her feet and a light unto her path. Strengthen her, encourage her, and give her boldness and courage. May she walk in integrity in all her ways. Father, I also ask that You would open her eyes to see the inconsistencies within our government, and alert her when things are amiss. Bless you and and her family, I pray. I also ask, dear LORD, that she would begin to see truth through Your eyes and then may she engage others to see through Your eyes also. In Jesus' Name, amen.


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