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Submitted Prayers (110) for Dianne Feinstein

Cheri R
June 29, 2022, 6:06 pm
Lord, I pray that Your Word would be a lamp to Sen. Feinstein's feet & a light to her path. Renew her mind according to Your Word and bless her with the truth that life begins at conception & abortion is a crime against humanity. Amen.
Christie Z
June 28, 2022, 12:01 pm
I plead the blood of Jesus over Dianne Feintsein's mind. I praise You Father, because the blood of Jesus purges our consciences from dead works to serve the Living God. I declare, her mind is free from dead works, including the lie she has believed concerning abortion. It is NOT healthcare- it is the destruction of a life, a life that was a gift from You. Grant her wisdom and revelation concerning abortion and every other issue that she must deal with today and the rest of 2022. In Jesus' name. I pray for her salvation and for her to listen to Godly counsel. OPEN her ears to hear what the spirit of God has to say. In Jesus' name!
Val M
May 23, 2022, 9:41 am
Heavenly Father, I pray for Dianne Feinstein. I pray for her to come into the full knowledge of Jesus, the redeemer, the One who created her to begin with. Show her You are real. Show her Your goodness. I pray You breakthrough the years of deception being in DC creates. I pray her latter years are better than years past and for you to open her eyes to see the truth of what they're doing to her as they use her as a puppet. I pray for You to breakthrough the occult incantations spoken over her and for You to rescue her and bring her into the kingdom of light and Your Son. I pray for You to protect her so she can come Into the light of salvation. I pray for Your mercy towards her. And I pray she finishes this term by voting In favor of Your good laws and statues and in line with the constitution. That you empower and energize her resolve and boldness to do this and to go against the stream of those trying to bring our country to communism and globalist rule. Anoint her Lord with wisdom from above. Wake her up. Remove the blinders. Those who were in darkness will see a great light. Let her be one of them. In Jesus' powerful, almighty, name. Amen
Herb J
April 20, 2022, 7:38 pm
Lord God in Jesus name I come before you looking up to you Dianne Feinstein. I pray as well that she would have a heart of repentance-, I've been realizing that all of humanity needs to repent before you.. and that senator Feinstein would realize that your ways, Lord- and not Humanity's ways.. are the pathway that you have chosen for your creation the human race. I pray that you would heal Senator Feinstein's physical health and her mind.. And in that you would instill in her a realization that God care and esteem that you Lord have for the individual and the individuals freedom of movement in daily life and their dedication to you and using their mind to make autonomous choices.. Far out way whatever utopian dreams that the human race may have four living apart and being apart and functioning apart from you Lord in a supposed autonomous life.. let it come to the mind of legislators the history of how totalitarian regimes have always failed and a memory of how Republic's will Thrive if they are allowed to function.. And let it be on their minds that if we are to survive we must adhere to you and worship you and serve you old Lord God and then our Republic Will Survive.. Lead Senator Feinstein trust your leading in allowing someone to replace her and trusting that that person will have the best interest of California and the United States in their heart. In the mighty name of Jesus Amen
Rome B
March 8, 2022, 10:39 am
Let the LORD GOD speak to your hearts about RUSSIA's invasion of Ukraine , Nuclear dealing with IRAN and CHINA (CCP) involvement with COVID-19. Do something about them. May the LORD give you wisdom on how to deal with them. In HIS Awesome majestic Name -JESUS. Amen.
Linda O
March 3, 2022, 5:47 am
Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father, I lift up the honorable Senator Feinstein to you and ask that you bless her for the sacrifice she makes in serving the citizens of California and the nation as a whole. Grant her knowledge and understanding that each decision she is tasked to make would align with your heart and glorify your Son. I ask these things in Jesus holy name and for the glory of Jesus may it be so


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