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Lord, we ask You to give great wisdom to the courts and to our legislators on how to deal with the vaccine mandates. We ask You to protect our freedom to make personal health choices.

Courts will likely agree that the federal government has the authority to enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandates but will argue that the rules and penalties cannot be enforced, said Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz…

“No. 1, is this something the federal government can do as compared to the states?” Dershowitz told Newsmax. “The states have police power. The federal government doesn’t have police power. The federal government’s powers have to derive from the text of the Constitution.”…

“I think the courts will say the federal government does have the power because this is a national issue across the state lines. It’s not limited to states. It’s contagious,” Dershowitz said. “I think they will say that in the event that science supports it, there can be mandated vaccinations with exceptions.”

But such mandates are “generally relegated to the legislature in our system of government, so I think the courts will focus on that issue first and say that the president may not have the authority to do this without congressional authorization,” Dershowitz said…

When the mandates are handed down to companies under Biden’s order, Dershowitz said that it will be a “big payday for lawyers” who will likely file numerous lawsuits on behalf of businesses and other entities…

What are your thoughts about the mandate? Share a prayer and your comment, below.

(Excerpt from Epoch Times. Article by Jack Phillips. Photo Credit: Canva).

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September 16, 2021

The power of the “Bully Pulpit” is being clearly displayed in local grocery outlets as the majority of shoppers now wear masks, though the stores do not require them. Lord, I pray we act like citizens, not like subjects.


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