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Father, we desire to pray according to Your Word and in Your will regarding the rogue nation of Iran, the rise of Islamism and antisemitic hate, and the crisis of falling fertility rates.  Teach us to pray in Your ways and with Your heart, so that we may intercede effectively. We pray for revival in Iran and defeat of evil and hatred there and in the U.S. We pray that Christians would be committed to obeying Your Word, including the command to be fruitful and multiply. In Jesus’s holy name we pray, amen.
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These are the headlines for today, Friday, June 14, 2024.

House Republicans voted to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress. Garland refused their request for audio recordings of DOJ attorney Robert Hur’s interview with President Biden. Hur had described Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” It is doubtful the DOJ will act on the House Republicans’ vote.

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In related news, reports indicate that a high-ranking attorney left the DOJ to assist Alvin Bragg’s investigation into Donald Trump. Michael Colangelo’s pivotal role at the DOJ and the Bragg case and the timing of his transition suggest possible coordination with the White House. This development seems to indicate political targeting of President Trump.

The Supreme Court dismissed a case about the abortion pill, ruling that the plaintiffs lacked legal standing to sue. Writing for the unanimous court, Justice Kavanaugh concluded, “The plaintiffs have sincere legal, moral, ideological, and policy objections to elective abortion and to FDA’s relaxed regulation of mifepristone. But under Article III of the Constitution, those kinds of objections alone do not establish a justiciable case or controversy in federal court.”

Finally, The Daily Wire obtained a few pages from the Covenant School shooter’s journals. The FBI had warned the Nashville police not to release the journals because they feared a false narrative in the press. The few pages show a girl who is full of rage about her gender, her parents, and their Christian faith. Soon a judge will be ruling whether to release the full journal to the public. Believers need to be praying about this growing trend among America’s youth and even in Christian families. Check out 7 Prayers to Defeat the Transgender Ideology at IFApray.org.

Father, every one of today’s stories involves the judicial system and transparency. We pray for hidden things to be revealed and for just results in the cases involving AG Garland, President Trump, and the Covenant School Shooter. We pray for hearts to change on abortion and sexuality in America. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen. 

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Darlene Estlow
June 14, 2024

Father, we look to you. You are Sovereign and mighty, to be feared, yet you are love and are seeking us sinful human beings. Pour out your grace that many would walk with you. Teach those who are being transformed by your power that they would walk with you in truth and not stray. Thank you that many are turning to you and that you are changing our nation. We may not see it but you are revealing wickedness so it can be dealt with. Thank you for your mercy and lovel.

Darlene Estlow
May 21, 2024

Fathe.r, I pray for our country and for the countless students that are supporting Palestine and do not even understand that they are praying for the complete annihilation of Israel and Jews. Enlighten their eyes so they may truly see what they are saying. Show them the truth and bring them to you. And strengthen Iranian Christians to walk in you. Turn the leaders of Iran to you

May 21, 2024

I pray that the funding and hidden money used for evil purposes would be dried up. I pray that money would be channeled by God, to the hands of the righteous, to further his kingdom work. I pray the veils would be lifted from the eyes of the blinded and they would find the path to the redeemer and know true freedom and joy .

May 21, 2024

DEAR LORD, please bring us leaders that love You and Your ways, restore us totally to the America that You want us to be……

May 20, 2024

Lord, we cry out to you to remove the scales away from the eyes of our Federal and State Government leaders (save them from the enemy) all across this nation that they may come to know Christ and having change of heart. Open the eyes to your spirit of the leaders in the educational sector of the USofA. We pray for our teachers to protect our children both in spirit and body. We need you Lord GOD to quench this nation of evil. In Jesus name we pray!

May 20, 2024

Lord, we pray that leaders who are in rebellion against You would be brought down out of positions of leadership. We pray that You would raise up Godly men and women who are not corruptible. We pray for leadership that honors God and works for the very best for the people of this nation. We ask that this nation would once again become one nation under God. We ask for your protection over those who are battling to keep this nation free. We pray for fair and honest elections. We ask that You would send revival and renewal and bring this nation back to You. We pray for those who are being persecuted for trying to walk and live uprightly before You. We ask that You would sovereignly save this nation and her people. Lord, turn multitudes unto you. Change our hearts and minds, and help us to honor You and live under the direction of Your precepts every day. We pray these things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. amen

Brenda F
May 20, 2024

We also pray for protection from the corrupt, evil, and lies that TPTB feed to us, the American people, via the news and other media, and those decisions and laws that are put into place that deny justice and protect those in power from consequences from the laws they break as they persecute and deny justice to those attempting to do what is right. God help us, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Delores Jennings
May 20, 2024

Because we care about our nation. Lord we cime before You asking to show us what You actively want us today NOW. We pray for all elected to pursue You above all. May their hearts yearn to please You. In Jesus Mighty Name amen


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