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Join millions praying for life. Let your prayers be known to God and the Justices of the Supreme Court as IFA files an amicus brief in the critical life case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health that will be a part of the permanent Supreme Court record.
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Diana from FL
1 day ago
Save the children, Lord! Each one is unimaginably precious to Youl Murder is never the right solution. Save the children!
Maureen from WA
3 days ago
I ask the Lord humbly to forgive us all for the deaths of millions of babies. I ask the Lord for forgiveness and to pour His mercy out on our nation. I ask the Lord to give all of the Supreme court justices Wisdom from above as they hear the arguments. May the sacredness and value of life from beginning to end be restored to America. God bless you and may His peace rule and reign in your hearts.
Beverly from NC
3 days ago
Father God you sent your Son to redeem us from sin, Lord I pray for all that are involved in this case before the Supreme Court that they would encounter a personal touch from you. May you be glorified in our Nation by over turning Roe verses Wade; in Jesus name amen.
Carl from FL
7 days ago
Heavenly Father, We repent of our inaction to intercede and act for the lives of the unborn. Forgive us and forgive this Nation for this sin of innocent bloodshed. We forgive our Justices, our doctors, the parents, our lawmakers of this sin. Isaiah 28 You said You will be a Spirit of justice for judges to render right decisions. We release this Spirit to each of the nine Justices to render a right and holy decision in this case and cases like this. Let the fear of God our Father fall upon each of them. We release Holy Spirit conviction upon them to repent of turning this Nation away from our Lord Jesus.
Denise A from TN
8 days ago
The Lord be with you as you decide whether you fear man or God. Listen, I don’t know what it’s like to be in your positions, but it was a choice. God is moving in our nation, He is ready to strike. Don’t turn away from Him. He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will have refuge (Psalms 91). He fights for you (Joshua 23:10). Let His Justice move through you. Respectfully, Denise Daly Murfreesboro, Tennessee - the Volunteer state.
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