I Prayed have prayed
Father forgive.  Father save us.  Father this is all so big for us to fight and clean up ourselves. Thank you for revealing these things to us so that we can intercede in prayer.

On January 13, 2021 in the first SCOTUS ruling on an abortion issue since Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in, the court ruled that individuals seeking to abort children with the use of mifepristone must pick up their prescription in person even during the pandemic.  The White House had requested this restriction remain in place even during the Covid-19 pandemic earlier in 2020 and lower courts had ruled against the restriction.

Mifepristone, also known as RU486, is an abortifacient pharmaceutical that can be taken in privacy of your own home to trigger an abortion.  It is only for use within a short time frame after conception but can be utilized up to 9 weeks gestation. Fetal heart beats begin around 6 weeks of gestation.

Mifepristone, or Mifeprix, is distributed through DANCO – a company located in Manhattan, NY.  CBS News disclosed the origins of the drug on October 13, 2000, over 20 years ago, by the manufacturing company Hua Lian Pharmaceuticals, located in Shanghai, China.

A few weeks ago I stood at the Mississippi River in my home town and asked God why in Revelation 16 the sea, rivers, streams, and bodies of water were running red with blood.

He answered with a question: “Why did it run red with blood in Egypt?”

I answered, “The babies.”

As the words left my mouth, I had a knowing that all over the world children have been aborted for the last 30 years in the privacy of their mother’s home and their remains flushed down toilets or washed away down bathtub drains.

Their blood is in the water crying out to Him.

People show up at abortion clinics, state capitols, and the United States Supreme Court to protest abortion.  They participate in 40 Days for Life.  They are now aware that unborn children are used in the development, production, and testing of medical products worldwide.

We were instructed back in the Garden to “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.” Subdue means to trample under foot.  Yeshua gave us the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy. To do that we need God’s wisdom and knowledge to bring these dark atrocities out into the light where they are exposed; then we can deal with them spiritually. We need to acknowledge what has happened in this area of the abortion fight as well and how we have allowed His creation to run with the blood of children.

The March for Life is scheduled for January 29th this year in America. Perhaps prior to that, now that Yahweh has opened our eyes, we stand next to the waters that flow through our cities and pray for forgiveness for not paying attention to the waters that are running red all around us, and all over the world, with the blood of innocent children.

Father, forgive.  Father, save us.  Father, this is all so big for us to fight and clean up ourselves. Thank you for revealing these things to us so that we can intercede in prayer. Please give us your wisdom.  Preserve life.  Remove fear of the future for mothers who find themselves pregnant unexpectedly—help them to know that You alone can save, You alone are a provider, and that You will make a way for the new life you have created within them.

Shelley McLaughlin is a passionate IFA intercessor and devoted student of the Word. (Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

Share your prayers in the comments below for forgiveness and repentance for this horrific sin on behalf of our nation. . .

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Maynard Beck Sr.
January 21, 2021

The reason why this was revealed to you on the Mississippi is the abortion factory Planned Parenthood has built in Southern Illinois (Little Egypt) It’s purpose was to have a facility where women from states in the South who outlaw abortion came come to. Andrew Womack is doing a series on abortion this week and has interviews with Janet Porter that are awesome.
Here is the prayer that I sent President Bidden yesterday using IFA’s “Contact the President” app”:
I want you to know that I am praying for you!  As a person of faith, I pray blessing on your Administration. I want you to know that religious freedom, the protection of life, and other biblical values are important to me. I pray you would surround yourself with people who seek God’s wisdom for answers for our nation. As you fill the appointee positions throughout the government, I am praying for you! 
I pray that God would be pleased with the way that you lead. 
My prayer for President Biden is that Ephesians 1:17,18 become dynamos: “1:17 May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, give you a spirit of wisdom and perception, to bring you to full knowledge of him.1:18 May he enlighten the eyes of your mind so that you can see what hope his call holds for you, what rich glories he has promised the saints will inherit” President Biden must recognize the evil of abortion.

Lord Jesus Christ, You took our human nature upon Yourself. You shared our life and death, our childhood and adulthood.
You also shared our time in the womb. While still God, while worshipped and adored by the angels, while Almighty and filling every part of the universe, You dwelt for nine months in the womb of Mary. You were our Redeemer in the womb, our God who has a preborn child.
Lord Jesus, we ask You to bless and protect the children who today are in their mothers’ womb. Save them from the danger of abortion.  Help all people to recognize in the preborn child a brother, a sister, saved by You, our Redeemer in the womb.
In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

January 16, 2021

Praying believe God will glorify himself and over turn Roe v Wade
Repenting for the sin of abortion daily and pleading for God to overturn Roe v Wade believing a remenant will remain faithful and see a miracle God bless all who are working for ending this horrific sin

January 16, 2021

Oh Father God, we who are called by your name have wandered so far from your commands… rather than be fruitful, many in the church have become “culturally relevant” and support abortion minded candidates. We are committing murder while saying we are yours. We do not deserve mercy yet I cry out for Revelation! Open the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deceived. The father of lies has penetrated the liberal, social minded churches. They have forgotten your GOSPEL of Jesus. WAKE US UP that we may REPENT and see revival in our day.

January 14, 2021

Lord, I pray that the eyes and hearts of all will be opened to the fact that each child is a blessing from your Father! Please open our eyes to this daily and individual tragedy and may you forgive us of our sins. May God bless the world and his children, Amen.

Lynnetta Ruble
January 14, 2021

Father forgives us for aborting our children for being selfish, silent and complacent. Help us to take a stand and cry out for our babies. I pray protection over every unborn babies deliver them from the hand of the enemy. Yeshua you delivered Moses from pharaoh’s plan and you are the same God! You can and will deliver all of our babies from the murdering spirit that comes to
steal, kill and destroy. Father you give life and that more abundantly. I decree life for every child no evil will come near them. In Jesus name!

January 14, 2021

Following is an excerpt from the State of the State Address given by Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, a couple days ago. In the current political culture, she exhibits a courage that too few politicians possess:

“The Declaration of Independence summarizes what we all know in our hearts to be true. God created each of us and endowed all of us with the right to life. This is true for everyone, including those with an extra chromosome.

I look forward to the day when the Supreme Court recognizes that all preborn children inherently possess this right to life, too. Until that time comes, I am asking the South Dakota legislature to pass a law that bans the abortion of a preborn child, just because that child is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Let’s make South Dakota a symbol of hope, justice, and love for children like Cody and Valentina. With the help of several pro-life groups across the state, my team will present legislation for your consideration and swift passage.”

At least it is a step in the right direction. I pray that other states follow her example.

Mandy Mooney
January 14, 2021

Abba, Father, I bow before the throne of grace and beg and plead for the sake of your son Jesus Christ that you have mercy on our nation, on our world, for shedding the blood of these innocent children. Forgive me, Father, for I have participated in these atrocities myself. I beg for mercy and forgiveneness not just for me but for all of humanity. Open the eyes of the ones that are blind to this evil. Open their ears and let them hear the cries of these precious ones. Send special forces to the ones pregnant and contemplating abortion. May the Holy Spirit intercede and stop them in their tracks and cause them to choose a different course. Rise up the ones that have repented and been healed and open their mouths to shout loud the message of pro life. Let a spirit of love and peace settle where there is unrest in our country. Shut the mouths of the ones that come to support these atrocities and let their message burn in their own mouths. Bring these sweet children into your warm embrace, Abba. Stop abortion in this world, in Jesus Name we pray, Amen

    Deborah Beaver
    January 14, 2021

    Beautiful prayer! Thank you for your vulnerable honesty.
    God is so merciful to us! It is one of his most beautiful attributes to me.

January 14, 2021

Yes, we are grateful to have our eyes open, and commit to praying for resolution to abortion, and to support our local PRC to continue their work. Thank you Lord for your mercy and we ask for just persons and laws to protect babies.

Charles Van Delden
January 14, 2021

Thanks Shelley for the revelation on water bodies being red in Rev.16, similar to the time of pharaoh’s Egypt.
The connection of abortion for the cause certainly makes sense. The Columbia river is nearby and will spent some time there….

Marilyn Cronrath
January 14, 2021

This site is misleading and is propaganda to kill a human being. I have worked at a Crisis Pregnancy Center
and we did not EVER shame women but were compassionate and supportive. It is Planned Parenthood who pressures
women to kill their baby for their own agenda of money, power and the destruction of the black community.
Furthermore, the crisis pregnancy centers give accurate information about abortion, the fetus and the health risks and aftermath side effects of abortion.
Since big tech partners with murders and the real misinformation campaign they do not take down this website!
If you are planning on going to Planned Parenthood I urge you to also go to a Crisis Pregnancy center and see for yourself what the truth is and who really cares about YOU. We are free!

    Marilyn J Cronrath
    January 14, 2021

    The site I was talking about is Planned Parenthood that is deceptive

Sandra Miller
January 14, 2021

Are these abortions caused by Mifepristone counted in the thousand of abortions done in clinics?

Deborah Beaver
January 14, 2021

Your understanding the blood in our rivers truly sent chills through my body.
I worked in pro life for many years when I was younger. We would do presentations in the churches that would allow. Almost always, almost always, we were told not to show anything too graphic not to talk about things to clearly because it would upset some people. With that said… The church still needs to repent for being silent and covering their eyes while innocent children have been murdered and they just didn’t want to hear about it because it was inconvenient and uncomfortable.
May God forgive each of us for being too passive in this particular sin. I need forgiveness.

    January 14, 2021

    I believe the church needs to repent for being too judgmental on young girls that did get pregnant and found themselves literally with no other choice. The ostracization that occurs in churches for young women that become pregnant out of wedlock is also atrocious and needs to be repented of as well. We need to love and accept these young girls, not ostracize them. They need a safe place to go so that they do not need to resort to killing their own babies.

    Deborah Beaver
    January 14, 2021

    Absolutely! And also there are many women and men with broken hearts from secret past abortions.
    Love and compassion is needed to all.

Robin Badillo
January 14, 2021

What kind of events are being held on this day for such an amazing victory!

Patricia Moulton
January 14, 2021

Jesus, Your blood speaks louder than the blood of these babies, yet our sin
is still complicit in their death. Help us through Your forgiveness to speak
truth on these abortions and bring this “freedom to choose” to an end. We
desire that life may be celebrated again because of Your great mercy to our
land and rivers.

January 14, 2021

Father, I repent for callousness toward Your precious creation, the gift of Life. Their blood cries out to You and You will avenge them. I pray for salvation for each involved in this abomination in any way. Jesus, through Your blood ALL can receive forgiveness and be cleansed from sin and iniquity. We cry for worldwide awakening by Holy Spirit that would bless us with the fear of God and with repentance.

January 14, 2021

Father forgive us. I’m sickened to the depths of my soul when I hear of abortions. When YOU, FATHER GOD, give Life, let NO ONE take it away. For YOU alone are GOD and there is no other. FATHER, YOU HAVE A PURPOSE FOR EACH AND EVERY MIRACLE OF LIFE THAT YOU GIVE! Forgive us for acting like we are gods. We have no right to take away what is YOURS! FORGIVE US IN JESUS NAME. AMEN AND AMEN.

Judy Hamrick
January 14, 2021

Father, forgive them for they no not what they do! Thank you for our new justice who will lead the other justices in the way they should go.

LeNae Williamson
January 14, 2021

Wipe this evil from our land. Break this curse of death off this nation. We repent for allowing this to continue. Lord we need your battleplan. We need your help. Break our hearts for what breaks yours Father but show us what we can do. Your will be done and quickly! You are the Deliverer. We love you Jesus.

January 14, 2021


Forgive us! Beak our hearts for what breaks Yours and lead us to pray and work to abolish abortion. Open our eyes to see how we are to pray and what we are to do! We ask in Your Name, Jesus! Amen

January 14, 2021

After losing 2 of my own babies at 10 and 20 weeks, I have beheld or held such a sweet body. How much MORE, Father, do YOU know and see the beauty of life in the womb! The beauty of Your creation. Wow! The beauty of life in the mother’s womb. Please, hear our cry for Your will be done one earth as it IS done in heaven! We ask for Your help, on behalf of these babies, even as their lives cry out to You from the grace and womb. We ask that You use us and others in politics and law to help protect every sweet child. Start with our own hearts Lord! May we value our children. May we be an example of it! Start with Your Church. We have failed in partnering well with the scared and devastated mother. Please forgive us… humble us… teach us to love each other. Help us welcome the little children and not to forbid them! Father lead us, so we might be an example to others of that beauty.

    Penni Bulten
    January 14, 2021

    I’m sorry to hear about your losses. 🙁 As a fellow Christian who has also experienced this I say a double amen to your prayer and pray for God’s peace and comfort for you. You eloquently expressed God’s heart for little ones, (and not so little ones, as well).

    January 14, 2021

    I stand in agreement with this prayer, sister!! Yes, Father! May we learn to love these scared mothers!! Not judge or ostracize them! May we rally around the ones that need us!

Gloria A Robles
January 14, 2021

God has been really been reminding me in prayer to continue crying out for the unborn. We must never stop contending for life..in full agreement with this article and prayer.

Hilda Craig
January 14, 2021

The Christians must confess and repent of ever being in agreement with abortion for any reason. Lord- we confess and repent of giving the enemy a place to stand with our minute agreement of abortion in the cases of incest and rape and the lie that it would save the life of the mother. We were deceived and yet guilty. Forgive us and help us. We take back any and all ground given over to the enemy. We stand with YOU, Lord! Amen.

J Kingma
January 14, 2021

I read in the news, and I hope it is true, that Missouri has become the first abortion-free state. If that is true, what a “Hallelujah!” I want to shout, and I hope you will too. Father, we thank you for answering our request for a halting of abortions in our nation! We know we have sinned greatly in allowing violence against our children.

    Marie Budden
    January 14, 2021


Vicki Moore
January 14, 2021

Lord forgive us for we have sinned. We have been asleep on these issues while a godless chinese regime has taken over our country. We pray for a decoupling from China, including from this manufacturing company of the RU 486 pill. May You destroy the manufacturers, the distributors used in this abomination. We cannot do this ourselves, for an evil and wicked government has allowed these laws to prevail. We are undeserving. And yet we know nothing is too hard for the Almighty. Father we thank You for this article, may Your church awaken to see the evil in the wicked officials which determined abortion to be essential this past year. Now we see what abortion is used for, the economics of it. Please Lprd have mercy on an undeserving nation.
Expose it all, for Your glory’s sake, and in Jesus name alone. Amen

    January 14, 2021

    Yes, sister, I stand in complete agreement with this prayer!

January 14, 2021

I have often wondered if every person who calls themselves “Christian” would call their senators, congressman, and state governors to demand an end to abortion how fast this murder in our land would have ended?

Heavenly Father,
Awaken your church to stand against this great evil in this nation.

January 14, 2021

Yes. Agree. Thank you.
Luke 1:37 KJV
37. For with God nothing shall be impossible.


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