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At a time when spiritual warfare is increasing on all fronts, I believe the Lord is calling upon believers to lift up praises as our primary weapon of warfare. In 2 Chronicles 20 Jehoshaphat’s band of worshipers went out ahead of the army in praise to defeat their enemies. The power of their song to the Lord totally confused the enemy and shut down the attack against God’s people. Their song was simply “Give thanks to the Lord, for His steadfast love endures forever” (2 Chronicles 20:21).  One of the smallest songs recorded in the Bible, and expanded in Psalm 136, defeated a huge host encamped against Israel – and they didn’t even have to fight!

We recently heard from one of our intercessors who confirmed this word with a similar call to “Sing, sing, sing” in the midst of our enemies. Here is what she wrote:

“As spiritual warfare increases throughout the world, intercessors can grow weary – but there is a way for us to fight and be refreshed in the Spirit at the same time. In Ephesians 6, the apostle Paul tells us how to put on the armor of God. But, in Ephesians 5, he gives us a huge clue to an often unused piece of warfare: singing His Word.

Instead, be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit.  Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 5:18-20)

While praying and declaring the Word gets His sharp two-edged sword into the middle of soul and spirit, joint and marrow – singing gets to the heart of the matter.  It revives the spirit. It refreshes. It strengthens. Singing in praise to our God calms our fears and anxieties and breathes life into a situation.

Though the airwaves are filled with Christian artists, it is time for us to pull out God’s greatest hits – as penned by David, the Sons of Korah, and Asaph. Singing Psalms directly from God’s Word stills us in the Spirit with sound theology, and praises the Lord in the way that we were called to operate – as one body, as one faith, as one bride.

After confronting a demonic spirit that was harassing him through witchcraft (see Acts 16:16-40), Paul was thrown into prison. While in prison, he did not complain. He and Silas sang hymns and prayed.  About midnight, their prayers and songs were answered with an earthquake, broken chains, and the opportunity to convert their captors. What a great pattern of warfare for us to observe!  Read what the Word says and put it into action through faith and love for our fellowmen who were created in the image of God and need to be set free.” (Shelley Hendrix, LA)

We would like to suggest that this Halloween, when witchcraft activities are high and our spiritual adversary tries to advance, we not only pray through Halloween, but praise through Halloween! We believe our collective voices lifted in praise to the Most High God has power to nullify every curse, hex, and demonic assignment levied against the people of God.

We are inviting intercessors to SING and PRAISE the Psalms from noon on October 30th until noon on November 1st. Over this 48-hour period, we are inviting intercessors to open their Bibles as much as they can to sing psalms and hymns located in God’s Word.  Besides the 150 recorded Psalms, there are great songs of deliverance in Exodus 15, Deuteronomy 32, and 2 Samuel 22. We believe that our corporate songs of praise have great power to confuse the enemy, nullify demonic schemes, and clear the way for the King of Glory to come in!

If you would like to join in this initiative, please leave your comment below with any Psalms or songs that you would like to lift up to the Lord during these 48 hours. You may also want to call one other friend or gather with a small group of believers to sing and worship together during this time—share this post! Let’s declare the goodness of our God in the darkest of times and release the glory of His presence through our praises.

Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty – He is the King of glory. (Ps 24:7-10)

522 People Prayed
8358 People have read this article

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  1. Last Friday , I woke up with the scripture from psalm 34:1

    I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

    I will be singing the song based on this scripture also by Don Moen.

  2. Praise God! Father,God in Heaven I believe that everyone will begin using their voice and testimony as the spiritual instrument to praise and worship you silencing the voice of the enemy and acknowledging You Father, as our creator and All that You have created. Every time we praise and worship God, we receive new revelation of God’s character.

    Our image of God influences our life more than we realize. That’s why the more we know of Him and His nature, the more we will love Him and want to worship Him.”Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise” (Matthew 21:16).

    When the Lord delivered David from the hand of his enemies, he gave God great praise for deliverance saying,”The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; the God of my strength in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge; my Savior, You save from violence. I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised; so shall I be saved from my enemies” (2 Samuel 22:2-4).

    The Second and Third Prayer Watches”
    I’ve used them daily with praise and worship releasing the anointing Power calling on the Name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

    My son, attend to my words; consent and submit to my sayings.

    Let them not depart from your sight; keep them in the center of your heart.

    For they are life to those who find them, healing and health to all their flesh. Proverbs 4:20-22

    In James 5:16 (NIV), we are told that the “prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” As we pray, we stand to watch over our families, cities, and nations. Just as men stood on city walls in the Bible to watch for approaching danger, God calls us to be modern-day watchmen and warn those who are in danger (2 Kings 9:17-18).

    We are to watch not only for the enemy’s activity but also for the manifestation of God’s plans. If we watch for the enemy and announce his activity, we can avert the devil’s plans to steal, kill and destroy what God has for us. Jesus said in Matthew 24:43, “But know this, if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.”

    Today more than ever, it is important that we pray and seek the mind of the Lord: “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Major decisions we are confronted with require us to know God’s individual will for our lives.

    With the Holy Spirit’s leading, we can discover God’s will and expose the plans of the enemy through strategic prayer.

    The Bible speaks of “watches,” which are specific times of the day or night. There are basically eight watches covering 24 hours. This is because everyone has a prayer watch, even though they may not know it. This is why you may find yourself repeatedly praying at specific times of the day or evening. If you have ever been awakened during the night or are wondering why you are being led to pray at specific times, it is probably because God wants you to pray or intercede for someone. Every prayer watch has a purpose.

    Second Watch (from 9:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.)

    During this watch, intercessors are able to impact the spiritual realm before the enemy gets ready to wreak havoc. Psalm 119:62 says, “At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You because of Your righteous judgments.” It was at the midnight hour that God struck down the first-born of Egypt, which resulted in His people being released from captivity and set free to worship Him. This watch is a time when God deals with the enemies that are trying to keep us from entering into His perfect plan for our lives.

    In the natural, this time is characterized by deep darkness. In the spiritual realm, the Second Watch is when diabolical assignments and sabotage from the enemy are set in motion. This is why it is important for intercessors at this watch to pray for God’s protection over their families, cities, and nations: Let God arise and His enemies are scattered” (Psalm 68:1).

    This is also the time for divine judgments, deliverance, prayer for the economy, tearing down walls of darkness and all the wicked structures from our economic, educational, religious, and political systems.

    Pray aloud Psalm 59 and Psalm 68:1-4. Pray that God will arise and scatter His enemies. Have a session of praise and worship exalting God and commanding all creation to praise Him. Read aloud Psalm 148.
    Prayer Decrees for This Prayer Watch:

    Father, in the name of Jesus, You save me from my enemies. You protect me from those who come against me. You save me from those who do evil and from murderers. You are my God and my strength, I am looking to You because You are my defender. You love me and You go in front of me. You will help me defeat my enemies. (Psalm 59: 1, 10)
    I rebuke and loose myself and my family from all evil curses, spells, incantations, psychic powers or sorcery that have attached itself to me or my family line. I declare all these curses are null and void.
    I break off every power of the kingdom of darkness and cancel every proud ideal in heaven that has established itself against Your plans in my life and bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)
    I rejoice in Your love every morning. You have been my place of safety, the place I can run to when troubles come. I sing praises to You, my source of strength. You are the God who loves me. (Psalm 59: 16-17)

    Third Watch (The Breaking of Day Watch from 12:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M.)

    This is a period of much spiritual activity. This watch hour will strengthen your faith. It is the same time that Peter denied Christ three times. (Matthew 26: 34, 74; Mark 144:30; Luke 22:34; John 13:38).

    The Witching Hour

    This watch is the darkest and most demonic part of the night, especially at midnight. Witches, warlocks, and Satanists have fun and start their incantations during this part of the night. The devil operates at this time because this is the time that men are in a deep sleep and there are not as many people praying to oppose him (1 Kings 3:20). This watch calls for seasoned intercessors.

    You must not be afraid of witchcraft during this watch. The Lord has given us dominion and authority over all things. This watch is geared for those who already know how to use their spiritual armor and war against the enemy. This is the time to pray against satanic attacks on your life, family members, marriages, churches, and communities. We are most vulnerable to the devil’s attacks because at this time we are asleep.Declare Psalm 91:5-6 for Divine protection for yourself, family, church, city, and nation.

    Time to set your day before it begins

    This is a powerful watch to be on when commanding the morning and setting things in place before the devil and his demons have a chance to ruin it. Plane crashes, car crashes, deaths, job loss, and many other acts of the devil can be stopped during this watch when intercessors obey the voice of the Lord and saturate this time with powerful, Spirit-led prayers.

    Time for spiritual warfare

    This is the time to awake out of sleep and confront every storm of destruction and distraction that is robbing you of God’s blessings and provisions in your life. Also, it is the time to speak peace and calm into every situation of turbulence and confusion.

    Time to strengthen yourself spiritually and seek direction

    Be vigilant during this time and watch for God’s revelation for breakthrough and for His plans and purposes for your life and territory.

    Time to pray for release from every prison

    The Apostle Paul and Silas were released from prison during this time (Acts 16:25). In addition, God released the people of Israel from Egypt at this time (Exodus 12:310). According to Judges 16:3-4, Samson escaped from Gaza at midnight by pulling up the gates of the city and carrying them out with him.

    Time to make your case in prayer

    This is the period to pray for God’s provision to be released (Luke 11:5-13; Acts 16:3). It is also time for miracles and for applying the Blood of Jesus.

    Dreams flow during this hour

    Often, we are awakened during this time with dreams God has given to us. God uses dreams and visions to bring instruction and counsel to us as we sleep. He also reveals areas where we need to concentrate our prayers and intercession. “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instructions.” (Job 33:15).

    The devil can also attack you in dreams (nightmares), so always pray before you go to sleep and ask God to keep you from the enemy’s devices.
    Prayer Decrees for this prayer watch:

    Father, I plead the blood of Jesus against all demons of the night, nightmares, torment and sleeplessness. Father, I ask that you protect my mind while I sleep. In peace, I will lie down and sleep, for You alone, O Lord, will keep me safe. (Psalms 4:8)
    Father, by the blood of Jesus and the power of His Name, I spoil every attack of the enemy. I cancel and forcefully oppose any satanic operations and strategies which are designed to hinder and prevent Your plans and purpose for my life from manifesting.
    Father, You said in Your Word that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven; whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Therefore, through the name of Jesus and the power of His Blood, I bind and break all witchcraft, curses, spells, and powers of darkness working against me. I cancel every attack of oppression, depression, perversion, distraction, hindrance, and deception. No evil shall befall me or plague come near my dwelling. No weapon formed against me will prosper, for You order Your angels to protect me wherever I go. They will hold me up in their hands so my foot will not hit against a stone. (Psalm 91: 11-12)
    Father, You give me the desires and secret petitions of my heart because I delight myself in You (Psalm 37:4). I proclaim that You are my provision. I have no lack in my family, my body or my finances. You supply all my needs according to Your glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

  3. Amen, amen. Praise is our powerful weapon! My old standby is Psalms 91, especially encouraging is the Lords response in verses 14-16. Giving thanks to the Lord, for His steadfast love endures forever!

  4. Before you kneel to pray for this petition–Ask God to show you if there is any occult item in your home– book, game, dvd, jewelry, ornament, picture. Too, repent of reading horoscopes, etc. All of which are off limits to Bible Believing Christians. Repent of any or all involvement in witchcraft in any of its many forms and then pray: Father, I pray that you would cover us all in the precious Blood of JESUS, purify our minds of all evil thoughts, and help us to pray with a pure heart in accordance with Psalm 24, In Jesus Name, Amen.

  5. I find that singing in tongues in my prayer time helps me throw off the distractions. 103rd Psalm has been a guide for my devotions for awhile so singing them will be a very short step. thank you PaPa God for giving us your Word in the flesh & in scripture

  6. Lord we lift Your name on high and know that despite the works of the evil spirits, the witches and the warlocks they are not mightier than You. We say be Lord of Lords and King of Kings do what You must to bring a work of holiness in the face of wickedness. We take the authority You have give us as Christians and nullify and decimate the works of the enemy over this land. We seek You to release many holy angels over the USA to bring for a work of revelation and repentance to protect the Christians and those that the evil ones seek to sacrifice and torture. We praise YOUR name JESUS and shout victory is Yours. Songs of praise and worship are in our hearts and on our lips. amen

    1. Singing praises to our Lord God Almighty in tongues not only edifies our spirits but puts to flight ever power and principality of darkness that God Almighty has given us all authority over! Thank you Lord that we as children of the Utmost High are taking back everything that the enemy has stolen…he is under our feet! In JESUS precious Name we PRAY🙏😇🙏

  7. Ps42:1″as a deer pants for following streams so pants my soul for you O God”.
    The song by The Maranatha! Singers , goes something like this’ as the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after Thee, you alone at my heart’s desire and I long to worship you’

  8. This morning during devotions with my sweet husband a familiar Israeli-style song, “I will celebrate, sing unto the LORD, I will sing to Him a new song”, popped into my mind. So I jumped to my feet and began a simple side-step foot pattern with a kick as I worshipped and praised Our Glorious LORD. It’s time to celebrate and set these feet a dancin’ as we lift up praises to the KING!!

  9. High occult sacrifices of children and young men and women are done not on Halloween but on Nov 1st and 2nd please do your homework on the 31st the occult stay in their homes and eat with the dead departed spirits or as a Christian knows demons not their loved ones. I’ve been told this by 4 tribes of witches the (not referring to skin color) black witches, grey witches, Black & White witches and Wicca witches. Please continue to fast, pray and sing Psalms and scriptures till noon on the 3rd of November. Thank you.

  10. Psalm 3 Covered by The Glory
    “Lord, I have so many enemies, so many who are against me. Listen to how they whisper their slander against me, saying: “Look! He’s hopeless! Even God can’t save him from this!” Pause in his presence But in the depths of my heart I truly know that you, Yahweh, have become my Shield; You take me and surround me with yourself. Your glory covers me continually. You lift high my head when I bow low in shame. I have cried out to you, Yahweh, from your holy presence. You send me a Father’s help. Pause in his presence So now I’ll lie down and sleep like a baby— then I’ll awake in safety, for you surround me with your glory. Even though dark powers prowl around me, I won’t be afraid. I simply cry out to you: “Rise up and help me, Lord! Come and save me!” And you will slap them in the face, breaking the power of their words to harm me. My true hero comes to my rescue, for the Lord alone is my Savior. What a feast of favor and bliss he gives his people! Pause in his presence”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭3:1-8‬ ‭TPT‬‬

  11. “Look how the wicked conceive their evil schemes. They go into labor with their lies and give birth to trouble. They dig a pit for others to fall into, not knowing that they will be the very ones who will fall into their own pit of failure. You are the Exalted One who judges the people, so vindicate me publicly and restore my honor and integrity. Before all the people declare me innocent. Once and for all, end the evil tactics of the wicked! Reward and prosper the cause of the righteous, for you are the righteous God, the soul searcher, who looks deep into every heart to examine the thoughts and motives. God, your wrap-around presence is my protection and my defense. You bring victory to all who reach out for you.

    For you, God, will see to it that every pit-digger who works to trap and harm others will be trapped and harmed by his own treachery. But I will give all my thanks to you, Lord, for you make everything right in the end. I will sing my highest praise to the God of the Highest Place!”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭7:8-10, 14-17‬ ‭TPT‬‬,14-17.tpt

  12. 10/26/19

    In that Name Above All names,

    May The Light and Righteousness of Jesus Christ The Living and Victorious Lord dispel all forces of darkness and evil this Halloween


    draw even the purveyors of Satan’s wicked schemes to Godly sorrow and repentance.

    In The Risen Savior’s Holy Name, Jesus Christ,

    I ask this,


    “Lord, can’t you hear my cry, my bitter complaint? Keep me safe from this band of criminals and from the conspiracy of these wicked men. They gather in their secret counsel to destroy me.

    Can’t you hear their slander, their lies? Their words are like poison-tipped arrows shot from the shadows. They are unafraid and have no fear of consequences.

    They set their traps against us in secret; they strengthen one another, saying, “No one can see us. Who can stop us?” They’re nothing more than unruly mobs joined in their unholy alliance, searching out new opportunities to pervert justice— deceivers scheming together their ill-conceived plot as they plan the “perfect crime.” How unsearchable is their endless evil, trying desperately to hide the deep darkness of their hearts. But all the while God has his own fire-tipped arrows! Suddenly, without warning, they will be pierced and struck down. Staggering backward they will be destroyed by the very ones they spoke against. All who see this will view them with scorn. Then all will stand awestruck over what God has done, seeing how he vindicated the victims of these crimes. The lovers of God will be glad, rejoicing in the Lord. They will be found in his glorious wrap-around presence, singing songs of praise to God!”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭64:1-10‬ ‭TPT‬‬

  14. Psalm 83 is a powerful decree over israel AND America – that the Fear of The Lord be released over His enemies “that they may KNOW that YOU ALONE are the Most High…”!!!

  15. “Let the high praises of God be in their throats and a two-edged sword in their hands, [Heb. 4:12; Rev. 1:16.] To wreak vengeance upon the nations and chastisement upon the peoples, To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron, To execute upon them the judgment written. He [the Lord] is the honor of all His saints. Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!)”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭149:6-9‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

  16. Psalm 27 (all of it is wonderful but I will quote only a few verses for the sake of space) The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear. The Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid.When the wicked advance against me to devour me it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall.1-3

    The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear?

    Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes, for false witnesses rise up against me spouting malicious accusations.
    I remain confident of this:I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.12-13

    The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear?

  17. Psalm 103 Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget none of his benefits, who forgives all your iniquities and heals all your diseases. He redeemed my life from the pit and crowns me with steadfast love and mercy, so my youth is renewed like the eagle, bless the Lord oh my soul!

    1. Singing praises to our Lord God Almighty in tongues not only edifies our spirits but puts to flight ever power and principality of darkness that God Almighty has given us all authority over! Thank you Lord that we as children of the Utmost High are taking back everything that the enemy has stolen…he is under our feet! In JESUS precious Name we PRAY🙏😇🙏

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